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KTR asks BRS activists to publicise Cabinet decisions


BRS Working President KT Rama Rao asked party activists to give wide publicity to the decisions taken by the Telangana government under the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

These decisions include the regularization of Village Revenue Assistants (VRA), recognising TSRTC employees as government employees, the expansion of the Hyderabad Metro Rail and others.

During a teleconference held with the party’s MPs, MLAs, General Secretaries and district party presidents on Tuesday, KTR said that the government took pioneering decisions in the best interest of employees, which no other government did.

He said that the onus of bringing these decisions to the attention of the people lies with party leaders.

He said that the compassionate gesture of the government was evident in recognizing 21,000 VRAs as government employees and incorporating TSRTC employees into the government system. KTR asked party leaders to organise celebrations with TSRTC employees at bus depots across the State.He suggested that party MLAs and constituency in-charges hold Meet and Greet programmes with VRAs’ families and TSRTC employees at their convenience in the coming two or three days.

He said that the administration’s decision to implement a policy for orphan children and assume responsibility for them serves as evidence of the compassionate approach of the government.

KTR proposed that the BRS should extensively promote the decision to expand the Hyderabad Metro Rail from its current 70 km length to 415 km. BRS activists must hold celebrations in constituencies through which the metro lines will pass, he said.

People must be told that this decision of the government will strengthen public transportation and that it is in tune with the expansion of the city. He emphasized the importance of instilling confidence in people that the expansion of metro lines will aid in the rapid development of distant areas around Hyderabad.

They have to be informed that the immediate relief of Rs 500 crore for those affected by heavy rains across the State will prove beneficial to those affected, he said.

KTR emphasized the importance of conducting press conferences at district headquarters to communicate the government’s decisions and to ensure that the public is well informed about the government’s schemes.

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