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BRS leaders reaching out to people

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Start seeking votes directly in constituencies


Even though election dates have not been announced, BRS leaders have started seeking votes directly in constituencies. From small to big, everyone is reaching out to the people in all constituencies.

On Tuesday Industries Minister KT Rama Rao said in Sircilla, “I have served you like a brother and son. I have been elected four times to the Assembly due to your affection. I have never given money or liquor for votes and I will not give it this time too.

If you feel I have served you well then you elect me once again irrespective of caste, creed or religion.”

He said the CM will inaugurate a medical college in Sircilla in September and that people should stop opposition leaders when they come asking for votes.

He said BC Bandhu is being given as a one-time grant and people need not pay it back.

Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy said in Wanaparthy, “You should vote for our government.

My win is your win and your win is my win, which is the win of Wanaparthy constituency. My task is only what should be brought to this constituency and how to develop it.”

Leaders are going one step ahead and are making promises about what they will do if elected to power.

Niranjan said, “The future of Wanaparthy is going to change radically with the establishment of engineering, medical, science and agriculture colleges. We will allocate a site for the construction of a building for electricians and plumbers.”

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