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Ration dealers’ commission hiked

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The talks held by Health and Finance Minister Harish Rao, BC Welfare and Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar with the representatives of the Ration Dealers Association JAC at the Secretariat were successful on Tuesday.
During the meeting held in the presence of JAC leaders, all issues were thoroughly discussed. Harish and Gangula Kamalakar announced that the price will be increased from the existing Rs 900 to Rs 1,400 per ton as per the CM’s orders.

With this decision, 17,227 ration dealers across the state will benefit and the government will be burdened by an extra Rs 139 crore annually.

The ministers said that Chief Minister KCR is looking after the welfare of everyone and had ordered to help ration dealers as well. When the Government of Telangana was formed the commission was only Rs 200 per ton, but now it has been increased to Rs 1,400.

He said that Telangana is the only state which has increased the commission by 700 per cent. He said that the Central Government is not giving any extra quota to any state. But in Telangana, to ensure that no one goes hungry, out of the 90.05 lakh cards in the state, for 35.56 lakh card holders the state government is giving 6 kg to each of the 91 lakh people covered.Apart from increasing the commission by two times, the 13 main points demanded by the ration dealers have been granted. They are granting dealerships on compassionate grounds to the heirs of 100 dealers who died during the Corona pandemic, implementing Rs 5 lakh insurance for ration dealers on the lines of Rythu, Neta and Gowda insurance being implemented in the state, bringing every dealer under Arogyashri, setting up weighbridges for accurate weighing at MLS points, and the renewal of dealership for five years. He expressed positivity on 13 issues like increasing the time limit, increasing the age limit of ration dealership from 40 to 50 years, immediate assistance of Rs 10,000 for conducting funerals, removing 1.5 quintal variation from the scope of cases, and allotment of land for the construction of a Ration Bhavan in Hyderabad. The ration dealers thanked Chief Minister KCR for solving their other problems including the increase in dealers’ commission.

They thanked Ministers Harish Rao, Gangula Kamalakar, Deputy Speaker Padmarao Goud and MLA Padmadevender Reddy who worked hard to fill their bellies at the meeting.

Civil Supplies Commissioner V. Anil Kumar, JAC representatives of ration dealers Naikoti Raju, Mallikharjun, Ravinder, Naik and others attended this programme along with the ministers.

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