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CAG’s Kaleshwaram visit politically motivated: BRS

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The BRS smells a rat in the Comptroller and Auditor General’s decision to visit Kaleshwaram project site.

The CAG has been asking for various kinds of information, and is going to the field and inspecting things. Officials of the Irrigation Department have been giving explanations and making inquiries on them. But recently top CAG officials decided to directly inspect the Kaleswaram Project.

Nikhil Chakraborty, a Deputy Accountant General in the Office of the Accountant General in Hyderabad, will inspect the Annaram Pump House and Sundilla Barrages on March 11. A letter was reportedly written to the concerned Chief Engineer and Superintending Engineer regarding this.

Alleging that it is “politically motivated,” Minister Harish Rao responding to a question on the visit said, “We are prepared for everything. Everyone knows why they are doing it. Never before in history has a CAG team visited a project site. This is the first time they are doing it. I hope you can understand why they are doing this?”

Meanwhile, YSRTP President YS Sharmila said, “KCR, your sins are getting exposed and will come back to haunt you. The complaint submitted by the CAG in New Delhi with evidence against your corruption while executing the Kaleshwaram Project is the result of our tireless struggle. The fall of your government is pending. KCR, you are likely to be jailed.”

Before this, CAG officials had written two letters seeking information regarding the Kaleshwaram Project. They sought all kinds of information from designs to works. All details on the changes in the designs and their details were also sought.

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