Thursday, November 30, 2023

CBN’s bail plea case adjourned

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PNS | Vijayawada

The ACB court in Vijayawada heard the arguments from both the CID and the advocate of Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday and the judge adjourned the case to Thursday.
Advocate Pramod Kumar Dubey of the Supreme Court presented arguments on behalf of Chandrababu and Additional Advocate General Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy argued on behalf of the CID that Chandrababu should not be granted bail. The AAG brought to the notice of the court that Pendyala Srinivas (Naidu’s PA) and Manoj Vasudev were absconding and fled the country. The AAG said that both of them went abroad only because of the financial transactions with Chandrababu in the Skill scam case. He said that PV Ramesh, who had given his statement, changed his words.

Supreme Court lawyer Dubey in his arguments said that Chandrababu was arrested without giving any notice and then the investigation was started. He was interrogated in custody for two days. Now, they want custody again. He further said that the Siemens project came into effect only after getting the Cabinet’s approval. If the Cabinet takes a decision, how will they file a case against Chandrababu?” argued Pramod Kumar Dubey.

AAG Sudhakar Reddy stated that the Skill Development Corporation scam revolved around Chandrababu. All the defendants have personally benefited to some degree from this corporation. In 2018, the then State government ordered a blindfold investigation in the wake of CBI warnings

The Supreme Court has ruled that bail should not be given in social and economic crimes. In the Skill scam case, everything was done according to Chandrababu’s instructions, the AAG brought to the notice of the court. After hearing arguments from both sides, the ACB court adjourned the hearing to Thursday.

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