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‘Chamak 2 is on the cards,’ reveals Paramvir Singh Cheema

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Actor Paramvir Singh Cheema is becoming a popular choice for depicting Punjabi storylines, as evidenced by his appearances in Tabbar and Chamak, to name a few. Recently, the actor made a remarkable performance with Sapne Vs. Everyone, and in fact, the show turned out to be India’s highest-rated show by IMDB. The actor gets candid with The Pioneer as he shares his journey, his excitement about the love received by the audience, and more.
Tejal Sinha
Excerpts from the interview:

How would you describe your journey?
Incredible! I cherish every part of my journey because it made me who I am today. There have been so many ups and downs. But one thing I pat myself on the back about is that I never stopped believing in myself. It’s still going, and I am very excited for more that’s going to unfold.

What inspired you to become an actor?
Theater! Where I can express the emotion that I want to express without anyone judging me for it. If I do it right, people will appreciate it, and I will fall in love with it. I understood that this was the road I was going to choose. This is what I love to do.

A farmer’s son becoming an actor is a story unheard of. What was the reaction at home?
Hahaha. Yes, my father supported me throughout my journey. He is a farmer. He always had faith in me. Because in farming, earnings are few. It is difficult. But he gave me his hard-earned money, and today he is the happiest person. My sister used to make all my audition tapes when I was at home. So finally, she’s relieved.

Did you fear the show being compared to the rest?
A little in the beginning, but after 10 days of the shoot, I was so confident that this was something different, and the writing was great. Starting from actors to the camera team to the art team, I was pretty confident that this would hit hard.

How did the show happen?
I got a call from Navrattan Mehta, the casting director of Sapne. He said, ‘bhai ye tumhare liye hai character’ (This character is meant for you). When he read the script, he said he could see me in it. So he auditioned me, and Ambrish Bhai, the director of the show, called me and said he liked the audition, and I got locked.

How did you prepare for your role?
I talked to the director and asked him about the character. He was very clear that Prashant was going to behave in a certain way. He had long discussions, and I started remembering the days when I was struggling between a few things in my life and acting. So slowly, Prashant came to me.

Could you recall for us your Sapne v/s Everyone moment in real life?
It’s the story of every artist because this field is very uncertain. In my case, I was supposed to choose between LLB and acting. During the lockdown, I was supposed to choose one thing because I was very low in life and nothing was working out. So my father supported me and said, ‘No, I am there. You should not stop and go to Mumbai again. You are going to make it.’ So that was a second chance for me, and it worked.

Would you say that with your projects, you are breaking the stereotypes of how Punjabis are portrayed in the industry?
Yes, because there is a specific way Punjabis are portrayed in the industry. But even Punjabis have the same struggles in life as everyone else. I wanted people to see that.

What’s something that attracts you as an actor to choose a project?
Something challenging and different. And something that leaves an impact on people. I am looking for good scripts and to work with good directors, which will bring out a new side of me.

What’s more on the plate coming up for the audience?
Chamak Volume 2 is releasing soon. And other projects that are very close to my heart, but unfortunately I can’t disclose the name right now. I can only say that it is going to be worth your wait.

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