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Revamp your space with the latest interior design trends

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Refresh your home in 2024 for a modern and revitalised feel. Choose contemporary elements wisely to blend the new and timeless seamlessly. Picture walls in a soothing peach fuzz hue, rooms adapting to your moods, and corners bringing nature indoors. Here are 8 interior décor trends you can welcome the new year with:

The rise of flexible spaces: Bid farewell to the rigidity of single-purpose rooms! Your living space can seamlessly transform into a yoga studio in the morning, a home office during the day, and a cosy movie den by night. Enter smart furniture that folds, expands, and moves with your needs.

Green is good: In 2024, homes are embracing a green revolution. Every corner is turning into a thriving green space, not just for decoration but as a celebration of nature woven into your living space. Whether you choose a tall fern, a set of succulents on your shelves, or a useful kitchen herb garden, plants are more than just looks – they become your companions.

Say hi to peach fuzz: Say hello to peach fuzz. More than a passing trend, it’s a statement of comfort and joy. This warm and optimistic hue transcends styles, adapting to modern, rustic, or eclectic aesthetics. Whether on walls, cushions, or art, it adds sophistication without overwhelming your space, creating a welcoming atmosphere and a comfortable retreat.

Sustainable luxury redefined: In 2024, redefine luxury with sustainability. Opulence meets responsibility with reclaimed wood tables and organic cotton linens. Your decor choices go beyond aesthetics, reflecting conscientious living. Elevate your space with elegance that embraces the harmony of luxurious design and environmental consciousness in every detail.

Pets and plants living together: 2024 marks the era of inclusive homes, where pet-friendly furniture seamlessly blends with your decor. Celebrate green companions with chic plant stands, fostering a balance between furry friends and leafy decor. It’s a holistic design revolution, ensuring your home radiates joy, comfort, and harmony for all family members.

Kitchens that live: In 2024, the kitchen takes center stage as the heart of the home, boldly embracing it’s role. Beyond a place for culinary pursuits, it becomes a hub for creativity, relaxation, and connection. Clever storage solutions, multifunctional appliances, and personal touches make it uniquely yours.

Curtain call: In 2024, curtains take center stage, shedding their role as mere background players. Far from subtle, they become scene-stealers with lush textures, bold patterns, and an undeniable presence that transforms any room. Whether elegantly draped around beds for a touch of drama or framing windows with artful folds, curtains step beyond mere functionality. They emerge as a powerful expression of your style, a definitive nod to the trend of personal and expressive interiors. These window treatments not only add depth and character but also serve as a canvas to showcase your unique design identity, turning each room into a curated masterpiece.

Work and play: In 2024, transform your work routine with spaces designed for both productivity and inspiration. Explore outdoor desks, communal co-working areas, and flexible home offices that capture the spirit of innovation and connection. Embrace a workspace that adapts to your needs, blurring the lines between work and play, aligning with the dynamic and ever-changing world around us.

(The author, Prof. Balbir Singh, Dean, School of Design, World University of Design.)

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