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Chegondi’s son Surya Prakash joins YSRCP

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Jana Sena PAC (Political Affairs Committee) member and Achanta constituency in charge Chegondi  Surya Prakash joined YSR Congress in the presence of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at the Camp Office in Tadepalli on Friday. It may be recalled that Surya Prakash is the son of famous Kapu Samkshema Samithi president and former MP Chegondi Hari Ramajogaiah who is a strong admirer of Pawan Kalyan.
Surya Prakash said that Pawan Kalyan didn’t have time to talk to the party leaders too and failed to set up at least party booth committees despite the passing of above ten years of Jana Sena formation. He said, “Pawan spoke to me only for half an hour in the six years I worked in the Janasena. No effort was made to strengthen the party. Kalyan wanted to make Chandrababu CM. Pawan knows nothing about social justice. There is no freedom of speech in Jana Sena. Even as a PAC member, I was never allowed to speak freely.”
Surya Prakash further said, “Pawan does not listen to anyone’s words except the words of Nadendla Manohar. Hari Ramajogaiah was used as long as needed. Pawan openly called those advising YSRC’s covert. People will teach a befitting lesson in the next election to Pawan. I came out of the Jana Sena because I was unhappy in that party. Jagan is a leader with guts. I want to follow such a leader. I joined the party without expecting anything” Suryaprakash added.

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