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CM questions KCR’s silence

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Terming BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha’s arrest as “election stunt” and “cheap political tactic”, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy questioned KCR’s silence on his daughters arrest. He said, “The Liquor scam is like a lengthy TV serial episodes. Kavitha was arrested 24 hours before the Election Commission issued notification. The arrest of BRS leader Kavitha

is an election stunt. BRS and BJP are eyeing to gain sympathy votes from Kavitha’s arrest. Why didn’t he go to her house or meet her? Why KCR is maintaining silence on his daughter and party MLC Kavitha’s arrest?. KCR has not condemned the arrest and also no statement is released on his daughter’s arrest so far. What does KCR’s silence signify?”
He joked that Modi and ED arrived in Hyderabad on the same day. “BRS and BJP are staging political dramas only to damage the Congress politically. What is the strategy behind the silence of KCR and Modi ? Telangana society is watching the political drama. it is unbecoming for Modi to criticize State government. Modi insulted Telangana and has no right to utter even a single word on Telangana”, CM Revanth said.
Demanding the BJP leaders to answer why they did not order probe in to KCR’s corruption in the last 10 years Revanth said, “My government already ordered judicial probe in Kaleshwaram corruption. Action will be taken based on the report. My government will not resort to vendetta politics. Will not spare anyone who indulged in corrupt practices”.
Speaking about KCR critiscing his language, Revanth said, “Will he support the comments made against the Chief Minister in Nalgonda meeting? KCR’s arrogant attitude remain unchanged”.
He iterated that Parliament election is a referendum to my government.
He said “it Gave immense satisfaction for successfully completing 100 days in office. Worked hard to implement six guarantees in 100 days. KCR ruined Telangana economy and the state fell into the debt trap. The new Government is moving forward by overcoming all hurdles created by the previous government. Government will be more responsible and strive to solve all pending issues. Will implement Six Guarantees more effectively”.
Revant hsaid that Government created history by filling 30,000 government jobs in three months. “Seeking advise from civil organizations on government decisions. Everyone is being involved in the functioning of the government. Telangana is witnessing a Change. People are also experiencing the change in the governance and administration. Bifurcation related issues are being solved one by one”, he said..
CM Revanth said, “Taking a step down, we are Meeting the Prime Minister and Union Ministers to get the Telangana’s due share and rights. Consulting the centre to the release of pending funds to the state. Government will maintain cordial relations with union government and the neighbouring states.”
He said that ‘Jaya jayahe’ song has been accepted as the official song of the state. Ministers and MLAs are working hard for the development of Telangana. Preparing “Vibrant Telangana-2050 Master Plan” for the comprehensive development of Telangana
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