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Politicos, babus switching to regular phone calls

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During the second term of the BRS, politicians and bureaucrats switched to WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal Apps as they feared that their regular phone calls would be tapped.
After the change in the government, many officials and politicians are seen making normal phone calls in Telangana. As an add-on to this is the newfound confidence after the arrest of suspended DSP SIB Praneeth Rao which came as the icing on the cake. Due to this now there is a growing preference for normal phone calls.
However, security officials warn of the threat of snooping. If it is not the state government it will be the Centre.
A top official on condition of anonymity said, “There is always a chance of being tapped. We cannot say that our calls are not being tapped in this era. Anyone could be hearing you.”
Officials said that even WhatsApp and FaceTime are not as safe as it is being projected, they said.
However, opposition leaders continue to try their best to avoid normal communication. A BRS leader on condition of anonymity said, “We got to know that a new list of phone numbers is being tracked after the new government came to power. It is just that the number being tracked has changed.”
A BRS leader recalled that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy said on camera that when KCR fell in his bathroom late at night, he got information and directed officials to provide him with a green channel.
“The incident happened late in the night. So you know what it means. We are being watched and monitored,” the BRS leader said.
The disappearing message option on WhatsApp is switched on in the phones of BRS leaders. This means that the message will disappear after a specified time. Some leaders are continuing to use Signal App to communicate.

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