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CM to visit Nanded tomorrow : BRS Maha outreach begins

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‘KCR tum aage bado, hum tumare saath hai’ among Hindi slogans galore


Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will visit Nanded in Maharashtra on February 5 and leaders are making huge arrangements.Since Republic Day leaders like Indrakaran Reddy, and Balka Suman are almost stranded in Nanded.They are conducting meetings with sarpanchs and public representatives in several Taluks of Nanded district of Maharashtra.

They are speaking in Hindi. They are visiting all important people in the district. MLAs have even been saying “Jai Maharashtra” apart from “Jai Bharat” and “Jai BRS” during their preparatory meetings. “KCR Tum aage Bado, Hum Tumare Saath Hai” is another slogan often used.

The BRS joining a meeting to be held on February 5 will be at the Gurudwara Sachkhand Board Ground, Nanded, Maharashtra. They even checked arrangements at the Guru Gobind Singh Airport at Nanded, Maharashtra. Some are doing to and fro between budget meetings.

Allola Indrakaran Reddy, Minister of Forest, Environment, Justice and Law, reviewed arrangements almost every day. MLAs Balka SUman, Shakeel, Jogu Ramanna, Vithal Reddy, TSIIC Chairman Balamallu and others supervised arrangements on Friday.

They reached the auditorium and spoke to the organizers.The minister inquired about the Assembly venue and vehicle parking arrangements. In view of the large number of BRS cadres, fans and well-wishers from Nanded district as well as various parts of Maharashtra and Telangana attending the meeting. All arrangements should be made carefully.

On this occasion, Minister Indrakaran Reddy said that arrangements are being made to make the first meeting of TRS and BRS successful in the neighboring state.They said that they are taking all precautions so that no shortcomings happen.

Minister Indrakaran Reddy said that he is happy to hold a meeting in Nanded, a bordering area of Nirmal district after TRS became BRS. It has been revealed that many leaders of national parties will participate in the Nanded assembly.

He said that the BRS is getting an unexpected response in Maharashtra and on the occasion of visiting many villages in Nanded district, it would be good if the welfare schemes implemented in Telangana are implemented in Maharashtra.Minister Indrakaran Reddy stated that they are also showing great interest in the expansion of the BRS.

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