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‘Cong in slumber as AP empties Nagarjunasagar tailpond water’

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The Congress government is being careless about water resources as Andhra Pradesh continues to take water from tail pond, said MLA Jagadish Reddy. Jagadish said that emptying of Nagarjunasagar tail-pond by Andhra Pradesh stands as the height of Congress government’s neglect of the river waters, irrigation and drinking water issues. He responded to the theft of Krishna Tail Pond water and said that an attempt is being made to convert Nalgonda districts into desert. He asked what are the district ministers were doing and asked if they are in slumber.
Tail-pond located 21 km downstream  of NagarjunaSagar dam at Satrasala in Nalgonda has a storage capacity of 6 tmc ft and in the last 10 years it was full even in summer season to meet the drinking water needs in Nalgonda district. Jagadish Reddy said that this year it had been emptied by AP.
He accused that the district was pushed to the brink of drought without fighting for our rights in Krishna districts in the last 60 years. He expressed his concern that there is a danger that Nalgonda district will once again fall victim to the fluoride racket under the leadership of the Congress government.

Jagdish Reddy demanded that CM Revanth and district ministers should be held responsible for tail pond water theft. Former Minister Suryapet MLA Jagadish Reddy warned that if the government does not respond to the tail pond issue immediately, a public movement will be initiated. He said that if the fulfillment of the promises is left aside, the existing opportunities are being handed over to the neighboring states. He warned that if the government does not respond to the issue of tail pond water, another public movement is inevitable.

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