Thursday, May 30, 2024

Student suicides haunting RGUKT

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A Spate of suicides of students has been haunting the elite institution of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) here.
The institution caters to the technical education of the meritorious students belonging to the rural areas.
The spate of suicides have tarnished the image of the RGUKT. The university officials are blamed for the series of tragedies that are happening for long.
Till 2023 since starting the RGUKT in 2008, a total 15 students committed suicide. Also, six others, including a student belonging to Siddipet district, committed suicide.
The student counseling mechanism is conspicuous by its absence in the university. Moreover, there is no full-time Vice Chancellor for the university.
In the absence of a regular Vice Chancellor, there is none to take firm decision which benefit students. Ex-servicemen have been appointed  to help student. They are supposed to take problems of the students, if any, to the notice of the higher authorities, but of no avail.

The parents appeal to the state government to focus on the RGUKT and ensure that no further suicides take place here.

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