Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cong tsunami coming to TS

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K Venkateshwarlu

Continuing his tirade against Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, former AICC president Rahul Gandhi reiterated that the fight is between ‘Dorala Telangana’ and ‘Prajala Telangana.’ Rahul said that KCR considers himself the king of Telangana and that a single family is enjoying all the fruits of creating the Telangana state. He added that a ‘tsunami’ is coming in Telangana in the Assembly elections.

Rahul said that KCR pocketed Rs 1 lakh crore using the Kaleshwaram project but there is no water for people in the area. KCR is the most corrupt Chief Minister in India, he said.
He said that only KCR and some big contractors gained from the Kaleshwaram Project.
Addressing Vijayabheri public meetings on the second day of his visit to Telangana in the constituencies of Peddapalli and Manthani on Thursday, Rahul said that he was confident that the Congress is going to come to power in Telangana.

He said the Congress implemented the assurances it gave in 2004 by creating the Telangana state. The Congress is implementing all its assurances in Karnataka. The party will implement its assurances in Telangana too, he said.

Rahul said that the BJP filed cases against him and got his Lok Sabha membership cancelled for fighting against it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who files cases against opposition leaders, did not file a single case against KCR. He said that the BRS and the BJP are two sided of the same cloth. The AIMIM is supporting the BJP indirectly across the nation. The AIMIM helps the BJP by splitting the Congress vote bank, he said. The people know clearly that only Rahul can fight the RSS and the BJP, he said.

“I brought my sister Priyanka to Telangana. Our relationship with Telangana is not political but is a family one. This relationship existed even during the times of Nehru and Indiramma. It is not a political relationship but is based on affection. I am happy to be here,” Rahul said.

He said that KCR grabbed lands by introducing the Dharani Portal and by changing land records. Rahul said that Modi had assured that he will give Rs 15 lakh to every family by bringing back black money and KCR assured that he will give three acres to every Dalit family. “Both Modi and KCR deceived people. I did not come here to tell lies. We will not allow the Centre to privatise SCCL. We blocked the Centre’s attempts to ‘sell’ SCCL to Adani. Modi is handing over the nation’s assets to Adani,” he said.

“The Congress will implement its six guarantees. A Congress wave is moving in Telangana. The Congress will give Rs 2500 per month to all women. We will launch a caste census as it is an X-ray of the nation. 90 officials are running this country and only three among them are OBCs. We do order a caste census after coming to power,” Rahul said.

Rahul called upon people to defeat the BRS in Telangana and the BJP at the Centre. All Congress activists are tigers. No need to fear anyone. The next government will be a peoples’ government, he added.

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