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‘Convenience & lifestyle combined is Manikonda’

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This week for the weekly column of Hyderabond, actor Abhai Naveen takes us through his association with the ‘City of Nizams’, recalling his days in the city, and more. 


Banker turned actor Abhai Naveen finally decided to restructure to an urban city, and that turned out to be Hyderabad for him. Siddipet, his birthplace, is roaring in the news these days. Of election rallies, cultural tropes, or the tribals—his hometown is scorching the turf. Whereas, the actor is establishing himself with Manikonda.

Even Manikonda is becoming the hub of multi-crore homes, isn’t it? When we caught up with him, he described it from the dawn of it — “It was during my intermediate when I shifted my base to Hyderabad. My father is still a government school principal there, but my brother in law is serving in the police force from Hyderabad. So I have some support here. I have lived a proper hostel life here! I was fooling between Kukatpally and Uppal.”
He elaborates further, “Kukatpally back then was full filmy. There are Telugu movie buffs filled to the brim. But Uppal was not developed during those days. I didn’t like it at all there so I again shifted to Vidyanagar. It was classic! Most of the officials used to reside there. So my only focus in Hyderabad is biryani, pooh. I will always find a biryani nukkad wherever I go. That’s the most intransigent part of this city.”

Kukatpally has still not changed for him, but something that he can identify more better is it’s worsening traffic. He hates it, and hence he takes a diversion! Although Uppal has redeveloped, but engineering colleges sucked back then. Navdeep actually couldn’t believe his eyes before 2014! “I used to travel from Raidurgam to Nanakramguda—let me specify, kaccha roads. Thank God for Manikonda! Its way more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine. The lifestyle is so upgraded. They have combined convenience and lifestyle in Manikonda. I’m happy to witness its rapid growth. Most probably, it’s the ORR turning it into an expensive place to stay but it’s worth it. It has become a popular choice for many professionals working in the IT sector. The rented flats are also affordable here as compared to other localities. The real estate market in Manikonda has experienced a boom due to the demand for housing,” added the actor. He recalls a little bit about his home town too because he can see how Harish Rao has restored everything there.

He illustrated, “I remember nobody giving attention to Siddipet during my intermediate days. It was never a part of Karimnagar! Today, everyone recognises Siddipet as the best health care or tourism destination. The lake we used to have typical fun at for fishing has actually become a tourist spot today!”

His friends always suggested him to buy a flat in Manikonda; he always rejected the offers. Today he’s one of those happy souls to be residing there, because what has it even become. The famous Khajaguda Hills are located nearby, offering scenic views, trekking trails, and more. So buying a property in Manikonda was an eye-opener and so inexpensive.

Ultimately, we are speaking to a film actor, so it was certain for us to ask here and there about something that comes around when we say ‘The Film Industry’, he exclaimed immediately, “Even now, you will find people shying away from our industry’s popularity but it’s one of the biggest grossing ones. Tollywood doesn’t mean regional anymore.”
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