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Stepping out of the shadows and carving his own identity

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Actor-entrepreneur Aman Preet Singh, who recently wooed the audience with his musical video Aao Na, gets candid with The Pioneer over a fun exclusive chitter-chatter about the response to his song, his journey, the long gap between his projects, being tagged as ‘Rakul Preet’s brother’, and more.
Tejal Sinha
We’ve seen so many, like so many siblings, setting up some really major sibling goals, haven’t we? But there’s another sibling duo who can never stop us from adoring their bond—Rakul Preet Singh and Aman Preet Singh. While Rakul has been enjoying a great fan following not only down South but also in Bollywood, Aman is travelling the path of making a mark for himself in the entertainment industry. On a recent note, he was seen alongside actress Seerat Kapoor, who made her singing debut with Aao Na, which has been making the right waves of late.
The music video tells the narrative of two lovebirds in an appealing fictional love story, with Aman Preet playing an accomplished photographer and Seerat Kapoor playing a supermodel. Aman is captivated by Seerat’s beauty and charm, falling head over heels in love with her and fantasising about her as his girlfriend. However, he soon realises that it was all a dream. Nonetheless, the events in the music video are filled with love, adding to the enchantment of this love anthem. Having received such a great response for the song, the budding talent gets candid with The Pioneer over a fun exclusive chat, during which he begins by describing his journey with, “More downs and less ups, but nothing less than ‘beautiful’.”
A super excited and beatific Aman, who is currently enjoying the love he’s received for Aao Na, recalls how people had called him up and appreciated the way the song had come out. Aao Na is a beautiful title single that is sure to captivate audiences with the two actors’ mesmerising connection, making it the love song of the year. Speaking of his experience working with the beauty, he shares, “I’ve known Seerat for about 5 years because we’ve both worked in the Telugu film industry, but this is the first time we’ve worked together, and the experience was amazing. In fact, I didn’t know she was singing the song, so I was really shocked.” A surprising revelation: Aman basically had a last-minute entry in the music video. But something that he really enjoyed throughout the process of making the song was working with its director and his team of young boys, shooting for a straight 12 hours for the shoot, and he says, “It was goofy, funny, and yet very professional.”
There’s a long gap, but there’s no halt for Aman. Initially, he has also appeared in Telugu films, including Ninnepelladata, and Production No. 1, which did not do that well at the box office. However, he exclusively reveals to us the reason behind the gap, as he says, “For the past 15 months, I’ve been shooting for a project with People Media Factory. We have just wrapped up shooting for it. My first two films did not do that well at the box office, so I took a break. I decided not to do anything that came to me and to select wisely. Whatever scripts I got this time, I was very careful, and I was more inclined towards a bigger production house, so by God’s grace, I got to work with a big production house. Hopefully,
this year or next year, the film will come out.”
Well, while we are all aware of Rakul being his sister, people and reports still tag him as ‘Rakul Preet’s brother’, is he actually okay with the tag or does it in any way bother him since he’s also making a mark in the entertainment industry? An overwhelmed Aman shares, “Earlier, I used to get very annoyed because when she had come to the industry, she had come as Rakul, but being from the same home, I also came to the industry; everyone knew me as Rakul’s brother. I used to get very annoyed, and as a man, as a boy, I wanted to make my own mark, but anywhere I went, they were like, ‘Hey, this is Rakul’s brother’ and there was a time I started telling people that it was Aman, and she happens to be my sister, but now I’ve grown out of it and my work should talk for me, and I’m actually really proud that people call me Rakul’s brother, and I’m very happy because she’s worked very hard, and if my work does well, they will call me by my name, so there is a little bit of pressure, but earlier, I guess I was taking it wrong, but now I’ve accepted it and moved on.”
The sibling duo had also launched a one-stop-shop for talent-related queries in the film industry, StarringYou. It is basically a platform that aims to bridge the gap between an artist (in front of and behind the camera) and their dream. And he basically says, “StarringYou is basically a LinkedIn for the entertainment industry, where we have few tie-ups in Hindi and Telugu, so we try to provide jobs to young talents. It’s a very good application; we launched it around 17 months ago, and we already have 50 thousand users on the platform now. It’s a transfer of power. It does take time for such companies to grow, but yeah, we are working on it, and we hope one day we are able to level the playing field when it comes to the entertainment industry.”
An actor trying their voice in their own film or project is not a new sight. Well, for instance, his co-star herself, so are we going to see him singing anytime soon? “Hahahaha!!!! I love acting and please listen to my voice. I can really not sing to save my ass. I’m not even a good bathroom singer as well. So yes, acting is something I like, I like being an entrepreneur. These are the two things I really like.”
Ending the chitter-chatter on a brighter note, Aman signs off speaking about his upcoming projects— “I have a Telugu or pan-Indian project; we are still trying to figure it out. I have two other films that I am supposed to start, one this year and the other next year, but right now my only focus is on the People Media Film, which is in the post-production phase. The other films are untitled with new directors and will kickstart this November or be pushed to December.”
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