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Cops may have tapped a few phones: KTR

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Bharat Rashtra Samithi working president KT Rama Rao has conceded that cops “may have tapped a few phones”. He said, “I saw a video which said 10 lakh phones were tapped by KCR. Yes, a few calls might have been tapped. They might have done — of thieves, the police might have done. That is the job of police, right?”
KTR said that Congressmen had been making a lot of fuss around phone tapping as if it was an international scam.  KTR dubbed Revanth Reddy as ‘Leak-Veerudu’  for giving leaks to YouTube channels about phone tapping. He said that Revanth Reddy could probe the case.
KTR challenged Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to contest from Malkajgiri. He emphasised that should Revanth Reddy step down from his chief ministership and decide to enter the electoral fray, he would confront him in the Lok Sabha elections. KTR criticized Revanth Reddy for his reluctance to accept a direct challenge thrown at him.
Speaking at the Malkajgiri parliamentary segment meeting held at Telangana Bhavan, KTR highlighted Revanth Reddy’s avoidance of his challenge to contest from Malkajgiri and pointed to the ‘silence’ maintained by the Chief Minister on this matter.
Furthermore, KTR criticized Revanth Reddy’s political affiliations, noting his tendency to switch parties. He reiterated that Revanth Reddy would align with the BJP along with several Congress MLAs after the Lok Sabha elections, considering his history of changing allegiances like ABVP, TRS, TDP, and Congress.
KTR reiterated his allegation that Revanth Reddy’s actions resembled those of a BJP leader and cited the Chief Minister’s stances on BJP and Modi in contrast to those of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.
KTR also commented on Etela Rajender’s candidacy in Malkajgiri. He pointed out that, after facing rejection in Gajwel in Huzurabad, Etela Rajender was now contesting in Malkajgiri.

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