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CP for anti-drug panel in all city schools

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Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Kothakota Sreenivas Reddy on Sunday called for setting up of anti-drug committees up in all schools to curb the drug menace among schoolchildren.
“Before becoming the Commissioner of Police here, there were quite a few reports about an increase in drug abuse and drugs reaching to nuke and corners of the city. It is not limited to schools and colleges and has spread across educational institutes. The drug peddlers are making their way into schools and not just in urban centers but districts too. It is evident from the rising number of drug-laced chocolates being seized from the paan shops in the vicinity of schools,” Sreenivas Reddy said.
He further said, “Parents raise concerns over the spread of drugs. The drug issue is here to stay in the cities and it should be nipped in the bud.  This is not just and addiction affecting the health of an individual or family. This is a major network which impacts the nation and the world. Most of the money made through drug peddling is used for terrorist financing. This disrupts peace all over the world, disturb the moral values of people. It is time to wake up and ensure that drugs don’t become a major issue in the city.”
“In order to curb the drug influence in schools, the Police Commissioner said that anti-drug committees must be setup in schools. Inclusion of students in such committees fosters a drug free environment and awareness. Active participation would build a sense of ownership among students. It helps break stigma around substance abuse, encourages open discussion and support seeking,” he added
Addressing the teachers, the Police Commissioner said, “It is essential to educate ourselves through reliable sources;  promote healthy alternatives, invite experts for to address drug related issues and promote physical and mental wellbeing of students. Create awareness regarding stress management and demonstrate methods to deal with peer pressure.”
Speaking at a workshop titled ‘Narcotics and other Addictions de-sensitising Reprocessing Empowerment and Prevention forum’ Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau Director Sandeep Shandilya addressed teachers and parents and said, “Comparison with others since a very young age has a negative impact on the children. Please don’t compare them with anyone; the lack of appreciation pushes them to extremes. The children need attention and must not be judged on the basis of grades. They must be given the right amount of care and attention.”
Telangana Education Secretary Burra Venkatesham said, “This is an important meeting since there is a need to understand the status of education in Telangana and where it is heading. Parents and Children share responsibility of shaping students.

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