Sunday, April 21, 2024

CPI manifesto panel formed

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The Communist Party of India (CPI) has established an election manifesto committee in the State in preparation for the forthcoming elections. G Obulesu, a seasoned leader within the party and a member of the secretariat, has been appointed as the convener of this committee. Joining him are other members, including former MLC Jalli Wilson, state secretariat member KVV Prasad, and state executive committee members P Durga Bhavani and N Lenin Babu.
The newly formed CPI election manifesto committee convened its inaugural meeting at the Dasari Bhavan in Vijayawada on Saturday. During this session, the committee deliberated on various issues pertinent to both the ruling YSRCP and the opposition TDP, in anticipation of the upcoming state elections.
Addressing those present, Obulesu urged the electorate to oppose the BJP and its coalition partners in the state. He asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies heavily favour the corporate sector, resulting in significant challenges for the common populace under the BJP-led central government.
Additionally, he called upon the public to support the INDIA Bloc and thwart the BJP’s affiliated parties. Emphasising their commitment to the forthcoming elections, he noted that his party is diligently crafting a manifesto under the banner of ‘Jana Pranalika’ (People’s Agenda).

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