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Democracy is in danger in India: Uttam Kumar Reddy

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The Irrigation Minister said that BJP-led Central government has been destroying democratic institutions one after another
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Irrigation Minister Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy emphasised the importance of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He expressed concerns over the state of affairs under the BJP rule, stating that what had been preserved for over 75 years was now at risk under the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
He said that parliamentary democracy was in danger, with attacks on fundamental rights, democratic procedures, systems, and principles. He pointed out that all pillars of democracy had been damaged under the Modi regime.
Uttam Kumar Reddy stated that the Congress party, which had fought for the country’s independence, established democratic systems, and eradicated poverty and hunger, was now being harassed, with its bank accounts being frozen to create hurdles for the campaign.
He mentioned that the Tukkuguda meeting would be historic, where Congress leaders would unveil the agenda and a plan to protect democracy and ensure the growth of all communities.
He denounced the BJP for failing to deliver on its promise. He contended that not only did the promised jobs fail to materialise, but existing employment opportunities dwindled during Modi’s tenure.
Addressing a press conference at Suryapet on Wednesday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress party would not only launch its election campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from the massive public meeting in Tukkuguda but also unveil its manifesto for the forthcoming elections. He mentioned that the public meeting would be addressed by senior Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi, and AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge among others.
He appealed to Congress workers, fans, and sympathisers to participate in the Jana Jatara Sabha at Tukkuguda on April 6 in large numbers.
He said that the State government was establishing 7,149 procurement centres across Telangana to purchase paddy, ensuring that the entire paddy would be procured at the minimum support price. He emphasized that severe punishment awaited anyone attempting to buy a single grain below the MSP.
He criticised the former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for resorting to falsehoods to target the Congress Government over power and water supply.

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