Monday, April 15, 2024

Democracy restored for Smita Sabharwal

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Smita Sabharwal gave an interview to a YouTube channel and that was promoted as her ‘first’ interview. Smita has been giving interviews as part of the Congress government’s accent on Praja Palana. Those who had sealed their lips in the BRS regime are now going to speak their mind. Bureaucratic circles are discussing that the first beneficiary of Praja Palana happens to be Smita Sabharwal who is not only able to give interviews, but also meet people from various walks of life right in her office chambers. In fact, she had met the Chief Minister some two months after he took over. Had this been BRS regime, Smita would not have got such an easy pass. Hopefully officials take a cue from this will and start expressing, if not revealing, more.

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