Tuesday, April 16, 2024

When a nameplate is a burden to a bankrupt state

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Does the Revanth Reddy-led government in Telangana have to lay it on thick that the state is bankrupt? That is the impression one would get upon visiting the Secretariat and sizing up nameplates. Special Chief Secretary Revenue (Commercial Taxes and Excise) Sunil Sharma’s nameplate is a reflection of the sorry state of affairs. For, on the nameplate the words ‘Endowments Department’ have been covered with a white tape. The work itself is half done, considering that the Telugu bit of it is not taped. For newbies, Sunil Sharma was relieved of the position of Endowments Secretary and the post was given to Shailaja Ramaiyer last month. Jokes in the corridors of power are that the state is so bankrupt that the Special CS cannot get a new nameboard. Others siding with him said it amounts to ‘not wasting public money’.

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