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Dharani glitches rock Assembly

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Heated arguments took place in the Assembly on the Dharani Portal between Congress MLA Duddilla Sridhar Babu and Industries Minister KT Ramarao and Legislative Affairs Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy.

Participating in the discussion on demands on Thursday, Sridhar Babu said that the Dharani Portal has become a curse on the farmers of Telangana and asked the government to solve the problems of farmers.

Sridhar Babu said that the names of former owners of lands are being shown as current owners. There is no Kasthu Column in the Dharani Portal and that is creating problems for farmers.

He said that there were 4.5 lakh applications in the Revenue Department through Mee Seva on land issues. About 1.5 lakh sadabainama applications are pending and there are many problems due to the Dharani Portal.

Sridhar Babu said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had assured that the Dharani Portal will solve all problems of farmers regarding their lands.

However, problems increased after the introduction of the Dharani Portal.

Sridhar Babu asked what happened to the land survey although the Centre had allocated Rs 80 crore for the same. He said that the land Survey in Andhra Pradesh is nearing completion but in TS nothing has been done.

Sridhar Babu also reminded that KCR had assured that he will provide title guarantees to farmers but had forgotten about it. He said that farmers have been fighting and killing each other due to land disputes created by the Dharani Portal.

Reacting, KTR asked Sridhar Babu whether he can prove his charges and added whether scrapping of the Dharani Portal and destruction of the Pragathi Bhavan are Congress policies. He also said that no one should make sweeping comments against the government and blow up small issues.

He also said that it is not proper to speak in the House without evidence and asked Sridhar Babu to change Congress policies.

KTR said that 23.92 lakh registrations had taken place in the last one and a half years and 30 lakh registrations in the last six years. He asked Sridhar Babu not to say that the entire state is facing problems with the Dharani Portal by citing one or two problems.
“Your party’s state president has been stating that he will scrap the Dharani Portal. If that is true then declare here that the Dharani Portal is useless and the Congress will scrap it,” KTR said.

He asked Sridhar Babu whether the Congress wants to declare that it will trouble farmers like they used to do in the past by not allowing registrations and mutations without bribing like during the times of Congress rule. Does the Congress want to say that it will harass farmers? Does the Congress want to continue with corruption in the Revenue system? It is not proper to make allegations without evidence. It is not proper to speak in a manner misleading the House and people, KTR said.

“Their president says Congress will scrap the Dharani Portal but Sridhar Babu says their president did not speak like that. Congress leaders are creating anarchy. People don’t care about Congress leaders now and they are not even getting deposits in elections. Their president is talking maliciously about blowing up Pragathi Bhavan. Their MLA speaks here supporting those comments. Does the Congress have any stand? KTR demanded clarification. Is there no coordination between the Congress president and its leaders? he asked, saying that it is not our problem.

“Is it a theory to blow up the Pragathi Bhavan? Is this the attitude of the Congress? Can you talk so anarchically? Can their members speak supporting their President?” KTR asked.

“Not a single positive word is coming from Congress leaders. That is why the Congress is going nowhere,” he said.

Sridhar Babu replied that their policy is that they will scrap the Dharani Portal and will stand by Revanth Reddy’s word.

Reacting to it, Prashanth Reddy said that farmers are happy with the Dharani Portal as the selling and transfer of lands in the name of the purchaser is taking place within minutes and the purchaser is getting the e-book. It is not proper for Sridhar Babu to say that the Dharani Portal is troubling farmers, he said.

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