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Diabetic children swim across Krishna River

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Swimmers and child trainees of Amaravati Walkers and Runners Association (AWARA), Swim & Rescue Academy, have swam across river Krishna on Christmas in solidarity with diabetic children. Flagging off the event, Frontier Diabetes Research Scientist and retired Prof NIMS, Dr P Vishnupriya Rao called for more focus on diabetic children.

Diabetes is rising in Indian Children alarmingly due to emerging obesity. This new type of diabetes named – ‘Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes’ is more harmful than diabetes occurring in adults, as children with diabetes are more affected and much earlier with heart and kidney problems. It is essential now, more than ever, to prevent our children from gaining weight – to avoid them getting diabetes, said Dr. Vishnupriya who added that swimming is the best of all physical activities available for children. Where facilities for swimming are not available – brisk walking, running, and cycling are the other options for children.

AWARA has been a national pioneer in healthy activity practices among youth in Vijayawada on Krishna River banks for over a decade. Starting today, AWARA Swim & Rescue Academy are extending their services to young people with diabetes, obesity, and those who have known risks said the doctor.

Diabetes Care Leaders of national repute, on Sunday, assembled in Vijayawada to give a Clarion call to make parents and family members aware of the impending dangers of ‘Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes’. AWARA Swim & Rescue Academy Women & Child Coaching Coordinator, Sakuntala Devi & Life Guard Pankajkumar, congratulated the finishers including the first-timers Radhika, Sakunt & Rajkamal on their 1.25 km feat.

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