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Dil Raju: I have no plans to act

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Producer Dil Raju, who is all excited for the release of his upcoming production, Family Star, discusses his plans to make his acting debut, produce Parasuram’s film, and more.
K. Ramya Sree
Actor Vijay Deverakonda and heroine Mrunal Thakur’s movie Family Star is gearing up for a grand theatrical release in four days.
Producer Dil Raju is known for making family-oriented films, and with this Family Star movie, another family-oriented film is coming from him. He has a successful track record of making family-oriented movies. All his such movies except Srinivasa Kalyanam were good hits, and the producer himself confessed the same. Not just as a producer, Dil Raju is also known for his good looks and for being overly involved in the making of films. Hence, of late, many people have been asking Dil Raju if he has any plans to make his acting debut, and the producer clarified that he has no plans.
He expressed, “There is no idea of acting on screen. There will be a huge pan-India movie in our company, with Vijay as the hero. The script is ready for it. After all that is done, we will definitely take the movie to the sets. Vijay is a hero who thinks about producers. That’s why we are going to do two more films with him.”
Additionally, he said that Family Star is in good shape overall. He also shared that you will enjoy the music and the trailer when you see them. “I was intrigued by the story’s point when Parasuram told it. We were all impressed once the plot was developed. In the past, Vijay and Parasuram produced the hit film Geetha Govindam. We think that this film will succeed in conjunction with them as well. Vijay’s portrayal serves as Family Star’s framework. Vijay is a hero who experiences all of these emotions: he laughs, laments, fights, worries about his family, loves a girl, hates her, and romances in the movie. One could say that Vijay played a character in this film that has literally all emotions. It’s a love story as well as a family narrative.”
He further added, “Mrunal is a lucky heroine. Following the triumph of Sita Ramam, and Hi Nanna, she is expected to receive a hat trick from Family Star. For this film, director Parasuram is putting in a lot of work. He is still working on dubbing and mixing projects. Regarding family entertainers, I still have goals. One Srinivasa Kalyanam film did not receive the anticipated response. We are considered linked as family in our Indian culture. I have great significance for April 5. That day, when the movie Dil came out, I changed from Raju to Dil Raju. Since then, both you and the public have shown a great deal of support, up until the previous movie, Balagam.”
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