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‘The title Bharathanatyam will bring some newness to the whole story’

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Director KVR Mahendra, who is all set to woo the audience with a crime comedy titled Bharatanatyam, speaks exclusively with The Pioneer, sharing interesting tidbits about the upcoming film releasing on April 5.

K. Ramya Sree
Actor Surya Teja Aelay is making his debut in films with the film Bharathanatyam, a hilarious thriller helmed by KVR Mahendra of Dorasani fame. While Meenakshi Goswami is playing the female lead in the film produced by PR Films, actor Ajay Ghosh is said to play another key role in the project.
Ahead of the film’s release on April 5, the director spoke to us about the gap he took between Dorasani and Bharathanatyam, and he shared, “After Dorasani, I signed a crime drama with an established hero, but due to COVID, it later went on hold. In the meantime, Surya Teja met us with this story, and we liked it. We later developed it into a full-length story and started working on it.”
“I feel privileged to launch Anand Deverakonda and Shivatmika with Dorasani,” he added.
Going further, he shared that this movie has a lot of characters for me to explore with the story, and “I broke all myths about my character artists in the film, which brings a new look to the actors and the audience. I enjoyed the whole process, as this is not just a hero-heroine story.”
The film, which has music by Vivek Sagar and cinematography by Venkar R. Shakamuri, will release in theatres on April 5.
This film is a crime comedy, but they named it Bharathanatyam, a traditional name. Explaining to us the reason behind this title, he continued, “I named this film Bharathanatyam to bring some newness to the whole story. I feel like had I not named it Bhrathanatyam, it wouldn’t have done justice to the story because Bharathanatyam is a dance form. I gave that name to the crime world here for a good reason. When the audience comes out after watching the movie, the justification of the title Bharathanatyam for this story becomes clear. This story gives joy to the viewer.”
Asked why he chose Surya Teja as the protagonist in the movie, the director mentioned, “It will be appropriate only if the hero is new to this story. Surya came up with this story line. He has all the information in the story; hence, it is better if he only acts.”
He further continued, “So far, no film has come out with an element that Bharathanatyam has. It is very fresh. All the characters are very unique and fresh. My sensibilities and spontaneity remain, but there is a wonderful cinematic expression that is very natural, and people can connect to it.”
The movie runs for two hours and four minutes, and the director is confident that they cut the movie very crisply and packed.
He is confident that audiences like movies with good content. “If we have time, we will watch two or three movies. Especially in the summer, we like to watch more entertainment movies. Since we are coming in that slot, we are confident that the audience will love the film.”
Furthermore, concluding the interview with his upcoming projects, he mentioned that he has three amazing stories ready. “I have stories like crime dramas. There is an idea to create a new world in the crime drama universe. I like the crime drama genre,” concluded the director.
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