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Dissent within TDP ranks in Srikakulam; high command intervenes

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Party in-charges unhappy with appointment of new candidates by high command

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has found itself embroiled in internal strife, particularly in the Srikakulam and Pathapatnam Assembly constituencies within the district. Discontent has surged following the appointment of new candidates by the TDP high command, sparking open expressions of displeasure from party in-charges.
In Srikakulam, the nomination of Gunda Sankar Rao as the party candidate has ignited protests led by Gunda Lakshmidevi, a prominent aspirant and constituency in-charge. Lakshmidevi’s supporters vehemently oppose the decision, labelling Sankar’s selection as “incorrect” and declaring their non-cooperation with the official candidate. In response, the party high command has initiated negotiations with Lakshmidevi and her followers in an effort to quell dissent.
Meanwhile, in the Pathapatnam Assembly constituency, the allocation of the TDP ticket to Mamidi Govinda Rao has triggered opposition from party stalwart and former MLA Kalamata Venkata Ramana, who serves as the constituency in-charge. Ramana has not only voiced his disapproval but also announced his intention to contest independently with the backing of his supporters and well-wishers. Despite efforts by the party’s leadership to engage in discussions with Ramana, a resolution remains elusive at present.
The unfolding discord underscores the challenges faced by the TDP as it navigates internal dissent while striving to maintain unity ahead of the upcoming elections.

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