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Elect a party that works for people

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BJP did nothing for Hindus, Muslims but is politicking using religion: KCR


The BJP has done nothing for Hindus, Muslims and other communities and the BJP’s strategy is to engage in politicking using religion, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said. He called upon the youth to recognise this.

KCR said that people should not panic when elections come and that the hopes of the people can be fulfilled only when they elect a party and a government that works for the people.

Addressing the gathering after inducting minority leaders from Maharashtra into the BRS on Sunday at the Pragathi Bhavan, KCR said that the parties that won elections in the last six decades have not done anything for the people.

The Chief Minister said that Maharashtra has abundant natural resources and many rivers. He said that but villages and towns are searching for drinking water and asked people to find out the reason for these problems. “We are voting and they are winning. We have to change our way of thinking,” he said.The CM said that it is regrettable that the land where many social reformers and intellectuals like Phule and Ambedkar were born doesn’t have basic facilities like water and electricity. He asked people to mobilize to bring about a radical change in the country.

KCR called upon people and the youth to think about the fact that there is no improvement in the lives of people despite giving power to the Congress and the BJP.

As an alternative to these parties, the CM asked people to support the BRS, which was moving ahead with the slogan ‘Ab Ki Bar Kisan Sarkar.’

The CM said that ruling parties have looted Maharashtra which is rich in natural resources and that people should wake up soon.

The CM said that if Telangana’s schemes are implemented in Maharashtra the parties there will go bankrupt but not the people. The light of Diwali will spread in people’s lives, he said.

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