Thursday, December 7, 2023

Monday Mirchi: No cure for doc’s political madness

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The director of public health’s aspirations for political glory are as bizarre as the consequences. Dr. G Srinivasa Rao from Kothagudem, whose political madness has taken a toll on the ruling party, leaving them scratching their heads. When asked why they didn’t put the brakes on him, a member of Telangana’s first family said, “You can’t stop folks when they’ve got a bad case of political madness. There’s no easy cure!” Rumour has it that even Health Minister Harish Rao tried to give him a reality check, but Dr. Rao decided to march to his own beat. A little bird says that he didn’t even register on the Chief Minister’s radar, let alone score a coveted seat. Looks like Dr. Rao’s prescription for political success might need a serious re-evaluation!

Sunil serves his cause ‘film style’
In a curious twist, senior IPS officer PV Sunil Kumar has unveiled his new talent – film critic. In his latest act, he’s taken a jab at the national awards, claiming it’s an injustice to Dalit cinema. Sunil Kumar argues that the awards have overlooked Dalit films, likening it to choosing ‘Colour Photo’ over ‘Palasa’ in the past and now sidelining ‘Jai Bhim’. He even suggested that Madigas should beat themselves with the shoes they make! A little bird says Sunil Kumar’s outspoken stance is just a stepping stone for his political ambitions as he has been relatively quiet about Dalit injustices in the State. Is this a genuine concern or a new strategy for his political future? Only time will tell!

Excise transfers leave officials in a tizzy
Akin to a plot in Bollywood drama, the Telangana Excise Department has decided to shake things up with some eyebrow-raising transfers. With elections looming large, officials are being handed transfer files as if they were hot potatoes – talk about a speedy clearance! But here’s the kicker – there hasn’t been a general transfer in the Excise department for a whopping six years. So, when they suddenly shuffle six CIs around, it’s like the department’s version of a blockbuster movie. The buzz is that 14 transfers happened right after the liquor licence auction, six of them on one person’s recommendation! This has led folks to question whether there’s some backstage political drama involved or if someone’s been bending the rules during those tender auctions. In the end, it seems the corridors of power are leaning towards the political theory!

Srilakshmi caught in CBI crosshairs
It seems the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has developed a special affection for senior IAS officer Srilakshmi, who serves as a Special Chief Secretary in AP. Srilakshmi found herself in CBI’s crosshairs following accusations against her in the Obulapuram mining case. First, the Telangana High Court gave Srilakshmi the clean chit However, CBI wasn’t ready to let her off that easy. They challenged the High Court’s judgment in the Supreme Court. And, Srilakshmi is back into the legal whirlwind. Srilakshmi had tasted victory, only to have it snatched away like a kid’s candy by CBI. The poor officer even missed out on a chance to become the Chief Secretary. She had hoped for a brighter future after the High Court’s clean chit, but CBI poured cold water on those dreams. In this never-ending saga, it seems like CBI is determined to make Srilakshmi’s service career as bumpy as a pot-holed road.

Praveen Prakash’s resolve, nay challenge
In his inimitable style that could put politicians to shame, Principal Secretary of Education, Praveen Prakesh, has thrown down the gauntlet. He’s not challenging his political rivals, but rather fate itself. Praveen Prakash boldly pledged to resign if he can’t achieve a 100% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) by September 5. This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill challenge. What makes it stand out is his promise to bid adieu to his IAS post if any student data discrepancies are unearthed on the big day. Move over political theatrics, we’ve got an education showstopper in town.

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