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Enter a trance with the lyrics of Madhuramu Kadha

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Family Star, a family entertainer, is Vijay Devarakonda’s next. The lead female actor is Mrunal Thakur. A lot of people are looking forward to this movie because of the promotions. Madhuramu Kadha, the third single from the movie, has been released by the production team after two successful songs.
Shreya Ghoshal, delivers a charming love song that instantly connects with listeners. For it, Gopi Sundar wrote a captivating melody. The lovely lyrics, written by Sri Mani, describe the amazing feeling of being with someone who is similar to a family star.
The song, which was shot in a foreign country, does a wonderful job of capturing the romantic dynamics between the main protagonists.
The two actors had a great time at an event in Hyderabad where they celebrated Holi with the team and danced on stage, according to the most recent update, which also mentions the trending promotions going on throughout town. Videos from the occasion were also posted by Mrunal on her Instagram Stories.
“I used to avoid the Holi festival during my school days, fearing the colors would stain,” said hero Vijay Devarakonda. “It was impressive to see everyone in their full colour, especially during tests. But it feels like this is how the celebration should be spent—spending Holi with all of you here.”
“I usually celebrate Holi in Mumbai, but this time, I’m delighted to celebrate with the Family Star movie team and all of you. From your family stars, happy Holi to your families. We cordially welcome you to see Family Star on April 5 in theaters,” continued actress Mrunal Thakur.

In addition, Vijay and Mrunal gave fans a present on Holi in honour of the release of their third single from the movie. Family Star, which is helmed by Parasuram Petla, is scheduled to hit theaters on April 5.
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