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Liver diseases on rise in South India: Docs

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Liver diseases are on  rise and pose a formidable challenge, impacting millions of lives worldwide and spanning a spectrum of etiologies, from viral hepatitis, fatty Liver, liver fibrosis/cirrhosis to Liver cancers. Understanding and refining our knowledge is of utmost importance in the given setting.
A conference titled ‘Bridge the Gaps- Liver Chapter’ was conducted on Monday at Hi-tech city, which provided a unique opportunity and excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and, as the name suggested, bridged the GAPS.
“The programme was a huge success with more than 500 physicians and surgeons who attended the conference. With liver diseases posing a significant health burden, the conference addressed pressing health issues like fatty liver, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver failure.
Panelists and presenters discussed in detail about different approaches to hepatitis, and state-of-the-art therapeutics to tailor treatment strategies for individual patients, promising improved outcomes. Given the phenomenal rise of fatty liver disease, the conference high-lighted the strategies for prevention, early detection and management of complications. Liver being a silent killer, in-depth analysis of the preventive screening strategies was done and advanced management strategies of alcoholic hepatitis unveiled along with treatment of alcohol dependance.
The GAPS 1.0 series was on the liver. On the similar lines, further conferences will be conducted on the Pancreas, upper and lower Gastro-related common conditions.

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