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Estimated power demand this month is 245 MU: CS

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Chief Secretary Dr KS Jawahar Reddy has instructed the officials of the Power Department to take appropriate measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply. He further said that it is expected to be 245 million units this month, 236 million units in May and 253 million units in June, and ordered appropriate measures to supply electricity accordingly. He made it clear that if there is any interruption in the electricity supply, immediate action should be taken to restore it. Measures should be taken to supply electricity following the demand until June. The CS reviewed various issues related to the department with the officials during the meeting.
AP Transco CMD KVN Chakradhara Babu said that they are taking measures according to the estimated daily electricity demand of 245 million units in this month, 236 million units in May and 253 million units in June. The daily coal stocks in various power generation companies are being monitored from time to time. The complaints coming from the people regarding the power supply are being solved in time by the respective power distribution companies.
The officials explained that AP Discoms have met 244.888 MU of power demand on April 21 against the total demand met on the same day in 2023 (241.292 MU) registering a growth of 1.49 per cent. They further explained that the peak demand during the day is 12,675 MW at 2.27 PM. On the same day in 2023, it was 12,074 MW, which means a growth of 4.98 per cent. They mentioned that Andhra Pradesh’s maximum power demand during the day was 12,675 MU without energy shortage, which is better than Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which are facing energy shortages.
Deputy Secretary Kumar Reddy, CMD of EPDCL, CPDCL, SPDCL and other officials attended the meeting.

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