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Farmers In Calamity-hit Himachal Selling Apple Boxes At One-third Date: Priyanka

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Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday alleged that apple boxes in calamity-hit Himachal Pradesh are being sold at one-third rates after the Adani Group released the procurement price, and asked why the prime minister is not doing anything for them.

“In this difficult period of calamity where the orchardists of Himachal Pradesh were already facing a mountain of troubles, why is Prime Minister’s friend Adani adding to their troubles,” she alleged.

Citing reports, she claimed that after the Adani Group released the procurement price for the fruit in the hill state, apple boxes are being sold at one-third of the earlier price.

“It is shameful to do this during a disaster.Where the farmers and horticulturists of Himachal need help, they are being destroyed,” she said.

“Why is the Prime Minister not doing anything to stop this loot?” Priyanka asked.No immediate reaction was available from the Adani Group to the allegations.

Himachal Pradesh was pounded by heavy rains and landslides last month, leaving behind a trail of destruction.


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