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Fashion do’s and don’ts for this winter season

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Winter is almost around the corner, and it is the time for individuals to show off their sense of style while feeling attractive as well as confident. As we all know, fashion is a constantly changing industry, and new trends emerge each season. Though, when the cold weather arrives, finding the appropriate balance between dressing elegantly for the winter and being warm can be challenging.

Fashion for the present generation is about following trends and feeling comfortable with clothing choices. In this perspective, you no longer need to buy new clothing every season; instead, search through your wardrobe to create a unique ensemble and care for the clothes by adhering to essential fashion do’s and don’ts, as suggested by Ankit Jaipuria, Co-founder, uKom.

Do bundle up, but don’t over-bundle
Don’t give up your warmth and comfort for the sake of fashion! Skimping to avoid looking unattractive is a thing of the past. All it takes is a sensible decision. To be warm, you don’t need layers of sweaters, thick coats, tights, and so on. The warmth provided by your temperature-controlled jacket and technical gloves will allow you to remove unneeded layers. As fashion changes, there is no denying that tech-based fashion is both literary compatible and a rescuer. They will keep you looking trendy while also enabling the ease of using touch-screen gadgets. Thus, there is less need to de-layer and re-layer as you move indoors or outside.

Do invest in a few classic or statement pieces
Choose items with classic styles that you can use for all seasons and several occasions. Add black and neutral items since these easily complement other colours and patterned prints.To determine whether a certain piece is worth the investment, use the cost per wear formula. That is, estimate the number of times you will be able to wear the item for the season and divide the item’s price by this number.

Do brighten up with colour, don’t just be bland
Black is usually an individual’s first pick since it makes us seem attractive and classy. However, winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear other colours. Winter colours include blue, emerald green, burgundy, and charcoal grey. You could also add coloured objects to your ensembles to change things up and keep them interesting. Wear accessories that praise the primary piece of your ensemble to achieve a cohesive effect.

Do go for closed footwear, don’t wear open-toed
In the winter, closed footwear, whether boots or shoes, is crucial since it keeps your feet warm and cozy. Closed footwear, regardless of the style, may elevate even the most basic outfit. And if you’re looking for some basic footwear, you’re prepared for the winter. One technique is to wrap around on top of your socks before putting on your boots or shoes.

Do winterize your closet, not just say Goodbye
People may turn their summer and spring dresses and short skirts into winter attire every year. Individuals can combine them with winter essentials for a complete dinner! A summer dress may be worn with sweaters, tights, and boots. Shorts with tights, knee-high boots, and a form-fitting blazer are also acceptable.

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