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Impressed by the art & culture of Hatta in Dubai: Siddhanth

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The Pioneer is back with a brand new Travel Tale of your favourite celebs every week. This week we have with us the talented handsome hunk Siddhant Chaturvedi, who shares with us his travel memories from his recent trip to Hatta in Dubai.

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Actor Siddhant Chaturvedi was recently at the turquoise waters of Hatta, and said it provided a calm respite to him away from the buzzing city of Dubai.This unexplored gem which he saw is the body of water surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Hajar range!
He really perceived, “Hatta was a place for explorers and adventure junkies.The scenery was stunning. There was a good mix of activities and relaxation. It felt like the perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travellers. I was most impressed by the art and culture there.”

Wherever he travels from the time he entered the industry, you can see him sharing travel pictures from picturesque places, and we are totally in love with them.“I have also been to Ladakh, visited a monastery there, saw the night sky and spent some time with the fur balls there by the riverside. Honestly, I was mesmerised!”

Holidaying in the hills and soaking in some winter sun, is just exactly the Phone Bhoot actor’s A-game when travelling. Going back to his recent trip, he gives more insights, “Dubai is the one-stop location for everything. Name the most bizarre things you can imagine and chances are, the city will have it. It’s a melting pot of cultures and urban landscapes. It’s like a second home to me now.”

While in Hatta, he also got to know, “The spot is especially popular in the cooler winter months, and you will be delighted by the ducks by the water but do bear in mind that there’s a rather steep hill between the car park and the water’s edge.”

A never known name to us, we dug deeper and learnt it was previously known as Hajarain, Hatta became a dependency of Dubai during the reign of Hasher Bin Maktoum after the Omani Sultan transferred the territory, finding himself unable to defend it against the Na’im of Buraimi. The village was still called Hajarain!

“The village of Hatta includes two prominent military towers, a fort that I shot at and the mosque. Some ancestral burial chambers can also be found. The villagers told me that the traditional water supply was through the falaj system. Since it is located in the mountains, it can be your summer habitation escaping the heat and humidity of the coast and trying new outdoor activities when in Dubai,” he adds.

He underscores that every city has a different vibe. He is always fascinated by the local food! Language and art of a place also have a huge impact on him. As an actor, it is important to keep improvising, bettering your craft, and looking for nuances that shape the characters he plays so as all the actors told us travelling helps him do just that.

Also, a lesser known fact — Siddhant Chaturvedi revealed how he was initially scared of sleeping alone in hotel rooms. Ting!

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