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Fashionable & sustainable; the future of fashion

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We are in the era of Pre-Loved fashion. Women across the nation desire high-end luxury and gorgeous fashion at a low cost to their wallets, health, and the environment. That’s where secondhand fashion comes in. “Pre-loved fashion” is a term that refers to high-end, designer-used apparel and accessories.

Wondering why Pre- Loved fashion is the future? Namisha Gupta, founder, and CEO of Retag shares what all you should be knowing about pre-loved or second-hand fashion:

In this new era, Consumers have become increasingly aware of their Carbon-footprint. As consumers become more aware of the environmental consequences of mass garment manufacture, many are choosing a more environmentally friendly option – which is where pre-loved fashion comes in! By purchasing pre-worn clothing you’re able to extend the life of quality garments, reduce CO2 emissions, and help avoid excellent clothes ending up in a landfill. Not just apparels, but accessories like handbags, watches, footwear, etc even has some worst impacts on the environment and wildlife. These accessories are mostly made up of leather, hard plastic, rubber, etc which are one of the highest pollutants.

As the Pre-owned fashion industry has evolved and made its way onto an online marketplace, it’s given people the ability to thrift shop from the comfort of their own homes. Retag is a digital marketplace whereby people can sell their pre-worn apparels and accessories from Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Goyard, Christian Dior etc. Instead of spending hours searching through secondhand clothing and accessories shops, there’s now a convenient and organized way to browse through huge selections of high-quality, pre-worn fashion right at your fingertips.

Since the sellers have generally owned and worn the article that you’re buying, it opens up a more intimate purchasing process. One where they can truly communicate the fit and feel of a garment to the new buyer and can even share styling tips for the garments and accessories.

Why spend top dollar for new outfits and accessories when you can purchase fashionable pre-loved items that are as good as new ones? For most people, a practical price tag is important and it’s difficult to justify shelling out big bucks for a new item of clothing and Fashion. Pre-loved fashion marketplaces provide an affordable alternative to buying brand-new clothes and accessories. Despite having a previous owner, you can find excellent quality products in stellar condition – all at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy new ones!

Fast fashion is designed for ephemeral wear, concentrating on trapping its clients in a maze of quick purchasing, instilling dread of “not fitting in” and “being outmoded.” – thus irrelevant in the eyes of consumerism culture and the masses. It helps to encourage the cycle of consumption by making cheap apparel that can be mass-produced and thrown out after one wears it because it’s not trendy anymore. Fast fashion has a major impact on the individual’s mind, the environment, and its employees. Despite the modest price tag, fast fashion has a hidden high cost.

Still, have doubts about Pre-loved fashion?
Other winning factors with pre-loved articles are the hottest trends, classic styles, quality products, superior material, and healthier clothes. Over time, there’s an ideal shift in smart shoppers from – “More is more to less is more”. Buy less & sustainable clothes and articles to stay healthy in a healthier environment.

Time to upgrade your wardrobe and lifestyle with pre-loved fashion. To achieve sustainability, we must all make more informed decisions.

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