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Turning his craft into a big-time business

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In an exclusive conversation with The Pioneer, Digi-preneur turned author, who has recently released a leading bestseller ‘Career Crush’ shares some interesting entrepreneurial tactics, for the budding entrepreneurs.

Shikha Duggal

An internet entrepreneur turned author DP Vishwakarma has recently released a leading bestseller named “Career Crush”, labelling all the knowledge that he gained along the way and offering advice for those seeking inspiration in the same arena. He has written something worth reading and even did something worth writing.

When in an exclusive conversation with us, the marketing consultant shares, “I am mostly known for my commissions in the growing digital marketing business for start-ups. The award-winning series “The Growth Hacking Book” was co-authored by me. In fact, I even have my name registered in the golden book of world records for most nationalities contributing to a business book. As a professionally trained blogger, my aim is to educate the masses about that sometimes the only way to succeed in business is to write your own rules. And, I am doing just that!”

Developing a digital nervous system for the upcoming entrepreneurs, the author wants every newbie to take over the business tactics in a jiffy. He continued, “Digital marketing also makes you meet diverse mindsets. The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition is to do an outstanding job with information. Worked with some big guns, developed massive campaigns for them that made me explore how they come up with unique ideas of start-ups and brought them even more success or how they coped with their mistakes on the way.”

He also feels entrepreneurial spirit is not much about persuasive someone to buy their product but about bringing a change. That’s how he has gone about the book too! “When you finish reading the book, one feels counselled by a career counselor. That’s the kind of influence it’s leaving on young minds as per the raving reviews I can read online. Nothing is free-flowing, there will be times you’ll feel jabbed in the middle of your career. So, what do you do? Take the enchantment approach and show yourself how to love what you love and dream what you dream. Continue to the spirit! During my career span, I have seen youngsters in a confused state of mind as to feeling that entrepreneurial success is only meant for corporate juggernauts. My book clarifies it’s a myth! I suggest, monetize on your passion. The book is there to help you create an action plan, why worry?”

According to Vishwakarma, the achievement is the result of following a system of proven strategies and positive actions. He also goes on to claim, “Focus on your source of income more, even if you are unemployed. Think about it, once in a while. Build your self-confidence and knock out the other businesses of the park with your extraordinary venture. That’s how this competitive business market works. Be one of those sluggers.” Moreover, he continues, “If we take my example, I began my journey as a network marketer that too on a part-time basis during the years of my degree. My knack for the sales department increased ten folds, and then came the jab: I didn’t want to travel because of my indolence. I opted for an alternative and that was digital marketing. I got the option of working from anywhere. I didn’t give up but found a substitute. That’s how we go ahead.”

Building an online community, he had his fair share of challenges too. For example, “My command over the English/ Hindi language wasn’t too fluent when it comes to penning down. It’s because my schooling was done in Hindi medium.

As soon as I began writing the book, at every chapter I was falling short of words. For a moment, it made me believe this will remain an incomplete book for me. My intellect then asked me to use the B2B tools as someone from digital marketing and I finished the book. My team, back at the office even reviewed the first copy. It almost took me three years (he laughed).”

Ending the interview on an inspiring note, the magnate wants the country’s innovation to never die. Calls for more radical research and wants his books to become an empire of its own someday.

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