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First Transgender Man Pregnant, Baby to be born in March 2023

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The transgender couple from Kerala, will be the nation’s first openly transgender parents. The couple will be expecting their first child in the month of March, 2023. Zahad PAval, is a 23-year-old trans man, who has become pregnant through conception. The 21 year, Ziya, transwoman, who is Paval’s partner has revealed in her recent Instagram post about the pregnancy.

The couple has realized that Zahad might still be able to conceive, despite his initial hesitation and concern for other’s opinions, he ultimately decided to become pregnant while still retaining his femininity.After giving birth, in less than a year, Zahad, who had his breast removed, would begin the process of transitioning to a trans man. Ziya has began her journey to become a transwoman at the same time.

They intend to feed the infant breast milk, for that, they would be availing the services of Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode’s Breast milk bank. Previously the couple discussed adopting a child and they also inquired about the procedure.

However, as a transgender couple, they found the legal proceeding difficult, hence both of them are undergoing gender transition, a team of doctors from Kozhikode Medical College revealed that there was no physical difficulty in conceiving.

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