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Fisherman nets baby crocodile

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A baby crocodile trapped in the fisherman’s net in the Gautami Godavari river at Baduguvanilanaka Pushkar ghat in Alamuru mandal on Tuesday.

A group of fishermen went to the Gauthami river, which is a tributary to the river Godavari, and tried their luck by throwing the fishing net. When the fishermen tried to pull up the fishing nut from the river, it was heavy and they faced difficulty. The farmers were buoyant, hoping for a big catch for the day.

However, they were shocked to see a baby crocodile in their net. The baby crocodile is two feet long. The baby crocodile tried to attack the fishermen when they were removing it from the net. The fishermen later safely released the crocodile into the river.

The local people expressed fear at the presence of crocodiles in the river as a large number of people enter into the river at Pushkar ghat for holy dips on auspicious days.

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