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For Pallavi Joshi, real travel started when she became a part of movies

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Even the national award-winning actress enjoys travelling; in effect, who doesn’t? You can read an overview of what travelling means to the Vaccine War leading lady, Pallavi Joshi, in our latest travel tales segment.

Travelling actually opened a world of discovery for her— “Travelling is a great way of connecting with the inner self. You get so much quality time for yourself. I love quaint places to be. When you disconnect from the cataphony of city life, that’s when you feel the real bliss.”

As a child, she din’t really travel much but took a few breaks in Pune, Delhi, or Indore since her relatives were there. She continued, “Holidays were meant to catch up with family. So travelling back then was meant to be about emotional bonding and all about family staying together. For me, travelling started when I was in the movies! That’s when my parents never escorted me.

There is this vivid memory of Surajkund when she was shooting for a Doordarshan show. So her maasi and husband, Vivek Agnihotri, took her for a picnic there. She shared, “I love Mumbai. My husband wants to settle in Manali to pursue his passion for painting. But I told him I wouldn’t leave Mumbai because I feel connected here. I love the vibrancy here and the cultural inclusivity.”

When she was working for the show called Bharat Ki Baat, she travelled the whole of India. What really got her attention was the respectable hospitality of Bihar! She was at Nalanda. She recalled how they really stood by the statement of Atithi Devo Bhava, “My heart goes out to the untouched beauty of the Northeast. Whenever I am there, some phenomenal infrastructure development is always going on, and as compared to earlier times, it’s more accessible.The drive from Shillong to Guwahati made me feel so incredible about the whole of Meghalaya. It’s really the Scotland of India.

There is this beautiful walking lake near the border of Bangladesh where the water is crystal clear. Boating there was a pristine experience for me.Then there was this Loktak lake in Manipur, which was even more surreal. Now what is surreal about it is that you will find floating phumdis on it.”

Finally, she would like to see Kalaripayattu, and for that, she would like to visit Kerala for the Onam festival anytime soon. If possible, she would also love to see the jallikattu traditional art form that happens in Tamil Nadu sometime around Pongal season! That’s on her bucket list.

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