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PAW-some experience for your four-legged friends

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Nirnitha Nannapuraju

It has now become a task for pet parents to spend some quality time with their pets. Now, adding to it, finding out to best places to spend even a little amount of time, probably on weekends, and giving proper attention for their four-legged friends, becomes another task.

Making it easy for the pet parents, GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipality Corporation) started its first exclusive dog park in Hyderabad, making Gachibowli its center in 2018, spread across 1.3 acres of land for the pets to do some exercise, have fun, and get everything that they need.

Dr. Muralidhar, a veterinary doctor (running a pet clinic in Jubliee Hills) and also the head of the park, took over the responsibility of developing the park and making it the better space for the pets.

Speaking to The Pioneer, he said, “Dogs will also have some kind of psychological emotion and would want to mingle up with the other dogs out there and socialise. These parks are the designated and specialized  places for them where they can jump, play, mingle with other female dogs for matting etc.”

Recently, he had also proposed to the GHMC about the concept of dog hostels, which is soon expected to be set-up at the park. He also aims to bring up more dog parks in palces like Aurangabad, and Pune, to name a few.

Now you might wonder what makes this park differ? Well, this is India’s first professional dog park, with different playing equipment for the pets. This park also has pet cafes.
He further shares, “Pet parents will get to know more about their dogs and how to take care of them more carefully. We make sure that the park is cleaned every morning as well as in the evening. An approx of over 50 people come to the park on weekdays, and on weekends, the park gets jam-packed.”

Muralidhar, along with his staff, is also planning to conduct an event for dog lovers, in order for them to know how important it is to spend some quality time with the pets and raise more awareness. The vetertinary doctor was all praises for his staff, who have been very supportive, and actively put efforts for making the park, the best space for the pets. “I’m lucky enough to have a staff which is very much supportive and put in all the efforts for the dog park to be the best space for the pets.”

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