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Former IAS officer lodges complaint against Moolrasa Milk for health problems

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Telangana police have registered a case against the owner of famous desi cow milk in Hyderabad Moolrasa Milk for allegedly supplying adulterated milk which resulted in the severe health complications, police said on Saturday.

A complaint in this regard had been lodged with Jubilee Hills Police Station by 69-year-old S.K. Sinha, a former IAS officer. The complainant is a kidney transplant survivor. He had underlined the necessity of consumption of calcium-rich milk for those who had undergone organ transplantation.

Advised by the doctors to consume cow milk everyday to get calcium, he was getting milk from a friend who owned cows. The supply of cow’s milk was stopped as the cow turned pregnant. The complainant started Moolrasa Milk, which claimed to supply high-quality pure milk. Paying Rs 150 per liter, Sinha started using the milk.

Few days later, the complainant started itching on his feet but neglected the symptoms. But, his health deteriorated as the days passed. The fluids began to accumulate in both feet, and he developed back pain. He had to undergo severe itching after consuming the milk.

He contacted the owner of Moolrasa to stop the supply of the milk growing suspicious about the quality of the milk. The complaint had alleged that the owner had threatened him with life.

Jubilee Hills police had registered a case under IPC Sections 272 (adulteration of milk intended for sale) and 273 (knowingly selling any article as food or drink which is harmful).

An investigation is underway

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