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Fragrance for uplifting the mood of your home

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In the last 5–7 years, we have seen home fragrances become an essential part of a lifestyle rather than a non-essential luxury. It is nearly impossible to think of décor in the modern home without considering fragrance. Just like the furniture, colour themes, and interiors; home fragrances are also equally essential for the overall home decor.

Interestingly, the past few years have also seen indigenous brands step up and render numerous home aroma products such as diffusers, candles, potpourris, scent sacks, etc. tuned to the Indian consumer’s lifestyle, expectations, and budget. The scorching pace at which e-commerce is moving has also helped home fragrance products become commonplace in Indian homes. As per the research by Rosemoore, in the next 5 years, the home aroma market will grow by another 250%.

Ridhima Kansal, director of Rosemoore, shares various ways in which home aromas play a pivotal role in setting the right mood in the home, alongside giving it an inviting makeover and transforming it into a cosy sanctum.

Make the living room smell like the fragrance you crave:
One can use the right aroma products, such as diffusers, candles, and potpourris, to make their living space smell like the aroma they yearn for. If it’s winter, try some strong woody and musky aromas with spicy undertones to provide much-needed warmth. Vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, etc. can set the perfect tone of warmth and freshness when the mercury dips. During summer, try a floral diffuser or spray, which will provide the prerequisite coolness, freshness, and cosiness that naturally come with such fragrances. Summers are all about jasmine, lavender, roses, water lilies, and tuberose to give your home a very cool, fresh, and calm ambience.

Zesty Aromas to help you in WFH endeavours:
Using the right fragrance to help someone focus better for long hours, combat fatigue, and set the mood is becoming more popular as WFH and flexible working become more popular. Nothing is better than using a diffuser or lighting a candle on the workstations, as it can positively alter the state of your mind and charge your body. Though many aromas can be helpful in the endeavour, zesty and citrusy scents can be especially beneficial. Aromas such as lemon grass, lime, bergamot, etc. can greatly enhance productivity and improve focus. One can even try Beachy Drift by Rosemoore, which has floral and woody undertones with a distinct soothing impact. It has a breezy and light feel as if one is in the middle of the sea.

Convert your house into a sanctum:
For centuries, the idea of aromas has been interlinked with spirituality. Fragrance chips and incense were burned in monasteries, temples, altars, etc. In modern times as well, home aromas can be instrumental in reducing negative energies, adding positive vigour, and giving an overall calm and peaceful ambience to the living space, prayer room, study, and other areas. Aromas such as lavender, oud, sandalwood, etc. can go a long way in rendering a very positive aura to the home and nurturing good vibes. In a metaphorical sense, it can transform the house into a sanctuary filled with perfection, peace, and harmony. Such is the power of aroma!

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