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BJP General Secretary BL Santhosh asked party leaders of Telangana to wage movements as there are many problems for people facing in the State. He said that elections may come in 8 months and get ready for the same as a national party.

Addressing the Vistaraks Prabharies meeting held on Thursday here, Santhosh said that the party leaders have to open offices in all constituencies. He asked the leaders to prepare an action plan for movements within three months. He said that the leaders have to wage movements in mandal once in a week and once in 15 days at district and once in month at state level. He asked the important leaders to tour the constituencies and conduct corner meetings to strengthen the organization.

BJP Affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh said that people are angry with KCR rule. He said that KCR sent funds of welfare schemes and Dalith Bandhu scheme funds to other states. The retirement plan got ready for KCR, he said.

Tarun Chugh said that a double-engine sarkar is coming to Telangana under the leadership of Narendra Modi. He urged the people of Telangana to bless the Mission-90 of BJP.
BJP General Secretary BL Santhosh responded to the Moinabad farmhouse BRS MLAs’ poaching case on Thursday here and warned BRS leaders without mentioning their names.

Addressing BJP Assembly in-charges, Vistaraks and Conveners meeting on Friday at a resort in Shamirpet, Santhosh said that those (BRS leaders) who accused him falsely must face the consequences.

“Those who accused me must face the consequences. No one in Telangana knew my name all these days, however, they (BRS leaders) made my name known to everyone.They (BRS leaders) have the responsibility to give answers to the allegations they made against me,” Santhosh said.

“We will give the right answer to the allegations against me at the right time. This evil government should be removed from Telangana,” Santhosh said.Santhosh commented that the BRS government and its leaders have become a curse on democracy. BRS leaders have been distributing the wealth of Hyderabad across the nation to achieve their political goals. BRS leaders looted TS in the name of the Telangana movement, he said.

“We have full information about how much money KCR sent to other states,” Santhosh said.He lamented that these leaders, who won elections in the name of Telangana Thalli, bit the hand that fed them. He said that BRS leaders had betrayed Telangana Thalli and that Telangana’s leaders are now trying to kill the cow instead of milking it.

Santhosh suggested that BJP leaders should carry out the responsibilities entrusted by the national leadership sincerely to ensure that the BJP comes to power a third time at the national level. The Special Investigation Team (SIT), which was disbanded by the Telangana High Court and replaced by the CBI to investigate the Moinabad farmhouse case, had issued a notice to Santosh to appear before it. The notices were issued under CrPC Section 41A.

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