Thursday, November 30, 2023

Give our seats to us only

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PNS | Hyderabad

Congress OBC leaders are continuing their fight seeking 34 tickets for OBCs. Congress OBC leaders decided to stage a dharna at the Gandhi Bhavan to express their concern to the high command. The OBC leaders are demanding that the party must give tickets to only them.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, party OBC leader Kathi Venkataswamy said that there are many OBCs in the Congress expecting tickets. He said that they may have their demands but their ultimate objective is the victory of the Congress. He said that the Congress aim is to fulfil the aspirations of Telangana martyrs and that OBCs are with the Congress and so the party has to allot tickets to them.

Venkataswamy said that OBCs lost heavily under the BRS. He said that the victory of the Congress will become easy if the party allocates more tickets to OBCs. However, it is learnt that there are not even 10 OBCs in the first list comprising 72 names that was sent to the high command, he said.

He said that his own party leaders are feeling insecure with leaders joining from other political parties thinking that they may not get tickets.

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