Friday, December 1, 2023

Gold for Vote

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PNS | Hyderabad

Precious metals seem to be the biggest bait to woo the voters of Telangana. Valuables worth nearly Rs 243 crore were seized in the last 10 days in Telangana of which Rs 120.40 crore comprises precious metals like gold and silver and diamond.Valuables worth Rs 100 crore were seized in the last seven days, the next Rs 100 crore was seized in three days. Precious metals seized so far are worth Rs 120.40 crore. This comprises 181.986 kg of gold, 693.371 kg of silver, 154.4546 carats of diamond and 5.35 gm of platinum. The cash seized amounts to Rs 87.92 crore, liquor to Rs 10.21 crore and ganja to Rs 7.7 cr.

The total value of seized articles from 9 am on 9-10-23 till 9 am on 19-10-23 is Rs 2,43,76,19,296. 65223 litres of alcohol, 18,874 kg of black jaggery and 655 kg of alum have been seized. 2950.795 kg ganja, 0.3 litres of weed oil and 0.13 gm of MDMA have also been seized. The authorities also seized 43,700 kg of rice, 627 saris and some other valuables all worth Rs 17 crore. Among the seized items are 80 sewing machines, 1,11,342 kg rice, 87 cookers, 2963 saris, four cars, 59 clocks, 55 helmets and 43 cellphones.

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