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Governor seeks more clarifications

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Hyderabad: The Governor has sought more clarifications on the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (Absorption of Employees into Government Service) Bill. The merger of TSRTC is an emotive issue for its employees. It is imperative that the Raj Bhavan is not seen as blocking this long-pending demand which is an emotional issue. The Raj Bhavan’s objective is only to ensure that the rights of TSRTC employees would be protected after a future notification is issued by the government as mentioned in Para 4 of the Chief Secretary’s letter addressing the initial set of concerns.The transition should happen smoothly without leaving scope for any future legal hurdles. The Governor’s main worry is whether the proposed Bill addresses these concerns. Therefore the Governor has sought additional clarifications concerning the ‘Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (Absorption of Employees into Government Service) Bill, 2023,’ the Raj Bhavan said.

The following clarifications have been asked based on interactions with employees and memoranda received from them regarding the Bill.

Concurrence of the Government of India: The Governor wants to know if the TS Government has obtained GOI’s concurrence concerning the 30% Central stake, as mentioned in the Government’s reply. If concurrence has been obtained, a copy of it must be provided. If not, the steps taken by the State Government to ensure legal compliance must be furnished.

Number of permanent and temporary employees: The total number of permanent employees, categorised by their respective categories and depots must be provided. Additionally, the number of employees working on contract, casual, or any other basis other than permanent, categorised by their respective categories and depots is also required.

Mechanism for non-permanent employees: Details about the legal regime regarding non-permanent employees must be furnished.

Handling of TSRTC assets: As the corporation will continue to exist, the Governor wants to know whether the movable and immovable properties of the TSRTC will continue to remain with the corporation or whether the Government of Telangana will take over these properties, particularly the lands and buildings belonging to the Corporation.

Authority to operate buses: The clarification sought pertains to the authority responsible for operating buses. If employees are absorbed as government servants, it needs to be clarified who will be responsible for controlling their functioning and assigning duties for running the fleet. Additionally, the role of the corporation in this regard has to be specified, with focus on the interests of employees and passengers.

Employee status and arrangements: The Governor wants to know whether the employees once absorbed into Government service will continue to work in the Corporation or will be sent on deputation.

The State Government has been requested to provide clarifications on the above points. These clarifications will enable the Governor to make an informed decision regarding the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (Absorption of Employees into Government Service) Bill.

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