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Telangana third in per capita income: Harish

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Finance Minister T. Harish Rao said that Telangana ranks third in the country in per capita income (PCI), according to the data for 2022-23 released by the Centre on August 1.

Disclosing this in the Assembly on Saturday, he said that Sikkim and Goa are ahead of Telangana but they cannot be compared to Telangana. So he said Telangana ranks first in per capita income.

Harish said that from ranking 10 in the erstwhile United AP state in per capita income Telangana is now third. In the last nine years, Telangana left behind Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

He said the per capita income of the country is Rs 1,72,276, but the per capita income of Telangana is Rs 3,12,398. When Telangana was formed, the per capita income was Rs 1,12,163. Today the per capita income is Rs 3,12,398, he said.

Reacting to this, the Congress said in a tweet, “Harish says third rank, KTR from the Kalvakuntla dynasty says first rank. The rise in per capita income over a decade is natural. Sharing Hyderabad’s wealth with 23 districts (of United AP) versus sharing it with just 10 districts (Telangana’s earlier district number) will anyway boost the per capita income. Please don’t call it your achievement. The final result is a combination of every government’s efforts. Don’t put it as usual in KCR’s kitty.”

Telangana spends 20 per cent more on capital expenditure than the rest of the country. Telangana is the lowest indebted state in the country. Telangana should receive Rs 800 crore more as GST funds from the Centre.

He said the GSDP increased because of the focus on agriculture, agro-allied sectors, the construction sector, the development of the IT sector due to fast approvals through TS-IPASS, the development of the service sector and the urban economy.

The GSDP increased due to Telangana’s fast development in these four sectors. Telangana’s GDP grew 12.07% while the country’s GDP grew 10.5%. As per the latest data, the GSDP of Telangana increased from Rs 4,51,580 crore to Rs 13,13,391 crore.

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