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Govt accords priority for welfare of Backward Classes: Ministers

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Minister for Animal Husbandry Talasani Srinivas Yadav, along with Minister for Consumer Affairs Gangula Kamalakar and Minister for Labour Ch Mallareddy, on Sunday laid the foundation stone for Perika Kula Sangam Atma Gaurava Bhavan on two acres of land at Kokapet. The government allotted Rs 2 crores for the building.

The process of construction of BC self-respect buildings initiated by the state government gained momentum. The Yadava and Kuruma buildings had been completed on 10 acres at Kokapet. The government would allocate 87.3 acres for 41 BC castes in valuable areas like Uppal Bhagayath and Peerzadiguda along with Kokapet.

Kamalakar said that in the 70-year history of independence, the BCs were pushed back and now in the new State of Telangana, the government accorded top priority for the welfare of Backward Classes. The people belonging to the Backward Classes appealed to the government to allot a place to build their building for holding meetings., but they have not allocated any space even in remote areas.

Government Whip Gampa Govardhan said that in Telangana, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao was committed to the welfare of the poor.

Media Academy Chairman Allam Narayana expressed his gratitude to the government for allocating the building to the marginalised castes.

Government Whip Gampa Govardhan, Media Academy Chairman Allam Narayana, former MLA Sriram Bhadraiah, Honorary President of Perika Sangam, former MLC Boda Kunti Venkateswarlu, President of Perikaku Sangam Madda Lingaiah, Perika Sangam leaders Ghatika Vijay, district presidents and a large number of Perika Kulastu participated in this programme.

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