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Harish avers there is still chance to pump water through Kaleshwaram ‘Let Revanth quit, I will give farmers water’

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BRS MLA Harish Rao requested the government to repair the Meddigadda Barrage and provide water to the farmers of Telangana.
“Even if there is a chance to pump up the water and give it for farming that is not being done. If they can’t do it, ask Revanth Reddy to resign. I will take oath as the Chief Minister and will show how to supply water. It is still possible to pump water through the Kaleshwaram Project and supply it to farmers. If the Congress government is not capable of doing that they must give us the responsibility. We will show how it is done. Let Revanth resign. I will take oath as the Chief Minister and will show them how to do it. If he is ready to give me the post, I will take it.”
Harish was speaking to the media at the Telangana Bhavan.
“If 94 lakh tonnes of paddy was harvested during Congress rule, three crore tonnes of paddy was harvested during BRS rule. How was three crore tonnes of paddy harvested? Our government has got a good name but the Congress engages in mudslinging. They are engaging in misdemeanours to give us a bad name and create suspicion among the people. But the truth always triumphs. We have filled the reservoirs. So there is no problem for the Yasangi crop.
But if water doesn’t come next Yasangi, people would say that when KCR was in charge there used to be water, but now there is none,” he said.
He said that there is still a chance to pump out water from the Medigadda Barrage. “Engineers are also saying the same thing. If they can’t do it, hand over the reins to us. We will do it. Revanth must resign. I will take over and show how it can be done,” he added.
Harish said that the BRS wanted immediate restoration measures at the Medigadda Barrage so that farmers do not suffer.
Reacting to Revanth’s comments on being the CM for 10 years, Harish said, “People decide who should be the Chief Minister for how many years. We are asking the government to implement the promises given to the people. If you do well you will be respected, otherwise you will be stoned. Revanth was TPCC President when he said that KCR should be shot and hanged. Can he talk like that?”

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